Unlock Vital Intelligence Information

Enable users to access needed data to make informed decisions 

Advance intelligence in the 21st century 

Provide secure, distributed intelligence processing capabilities 

Enable Efficient Search & Discovery for the Intelligence Community 

Access vast amounts of imagery and data to perform the mission 

Advance the DCGS Family of Systems 

Securely share intelligence across organizations

Understand the Importance of Coalition Partners 

Address today’s global threats through international collaboration 

Advancing intelligence
in the 21st century

We leverage open source software and open development to provide secure and distributed intelligence capabilities to our customers.

Connect. Create. Contribute.
Connect people and technology
Create innovative, high quality solutions
Contribute back to those we serve

Securely Integrate Systems to Create Knowledge

Unlock vital intelligence information and enable users to access needed data to make informed decisions

DDF - Distributed Data Framework

We provide industry-leading solutions to integrate IT systems using open, extensible technologies.

Secure Discovery & Retrieval
Secure Discovery & Retrieval
Federated Identity and Access Management
Federated Identity & Access Management
Web Based Visualization
Web-based Visualization
Coalition Interoperability
Coalition Interoperability
Modular, Open Systems Architecture
Modular, Open Systems Architecture
Enterprise Service Bus and Reliable Messaging
Enterprise Service Bus & Reliable Messaging

Open source software and open development methods replace the historical paradigm of slow development to adapt as new risks and challenges arise.

The DCGS Integration Backbone (DIB) promotes collaborative use of discovered data by analysts to produce enhanced ISR products. 

Distributed Data Framework (DDF) is an open and agile architecture, enabling a plug-and-play-type environment to integrate many sources out of the box.

Alliance extensions support international standards and interoperability with the Coalition Shared Dataserver.

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We specialize in the secure integration of data, applications, and services with a proven track record of supporting DoD, IC, and international partners with over 5 years of operational experience. Connexta is the prime contractor for DDF Integration Backbone and provides software development and integration support to the DCGS Programs of Record. We manage the open source DDF baseline, and provides enterprise solutions and technical support for DDF installations.

In order to support CFACC [Combined Forces Air Combat Commander] intelligence needs, AF DCGS must be able to conduct time-dominant and decision-quality analysis to optimize ISR operations, produce timely assessments and enhance battlespace awareness and threat warnings,” said Lt. Col. Joshua P. Williams, AF DCGS Branch materiel leader. “To ensure rapid response to changing threats and intelligence, our team worked to develop an open and agile architecture, enabling a plug-and-play-type environment.”

Source: 2016 Open Architecture Benefits DCGS

Connexta is an active member of the open source community, with contributors,
committees, and PMC members on several major open source projects.

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