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Distributed Data Framework (DDF)

DDF is an open source, extensible data integration and content management framework. DDF provides a content management system and internal metadata catalog for publishing and indexing metadata. DDF enables complex queries including geospatial, temporal, contextual, faceted, and Boolean logic. The DDF architecture is built from the ground up around security and flexibility. DDF deployments promote collaborative use of discovered data by analysts to produce enhanced Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance products.   


Alliance is an Open Source software tool for ISR data sharing and discovery. Alliance extends DDF’s ISR capabilities. Alliance integrates out-of-the-box with many popular ISR data formats and Service interfaces. Extensions include international standards support and provide interoperability with the Coalition Shared Dataserver. The tools have received feedback all Services across the DoD and U.S. Coalition partners including the UK and Australia.

Connexta Enterprise Agreement

A Connexta Enterprise Agreement subscription provides the services needed to operate DDF and Alliance-based systems reliably and securely in your mission critical environment. More than a software package, an Enterprise Agreement unlocks direct access to engineering expertise, security updates, and support tools unavailable elsewhere. The four subscription tiers are designed to address individual enterprise requirements. The tiers differ with the number of sensors and users and integration requirements.

Integration Support

Includes a team(s) dedicated to the integration of DDF and Alliance in your organization for strategic and enterprise nodes.

On-Site Support

Includes engineers dispatched to your site to assist with installation, configuration, and administration.

Technical Support

Includes 24/7 availability, unlimited incidents, and phone, email, and online collaboration.

Continuous Delivery

Always get critical updates including patches, bug fixes, and security updates.

Connexta Enterprise Agreement Subscription Tiers

The advantage of DDF and Alliance have been demonstrated over 5 years of deployment in operational environments. The extensive use of DDF has resulted in a stable baseline with continual improvements contributed from multiple organizations thereby lowering the overall cost

Tactical Node

Affords access to sources that have the potential to immediately influence tactical decisions. The Enterprise Agreement addressing the tactical tier is tailored to accommodate the reduced number of sources and users.  

Operational Node

Delivers decision-makers with the information needed to prioritize daily work schedules, build teams, and collaborate with outside organizations. The Enterprise Agreement addressing the operational tier is tailored to address the diversity of sources and users required for planning. 

Strategic Node

Produces integrated intelligence products that are critically important to building support for the resources needed to address a complex mission.  The strategic tier requires greater capacity for coordination and collaboration with external organizations.  The Enterprise Agreement at the strategic tier is tailored to accommodate a greater number of sources and users and includes collaboration tools to produce an executive view.  

Enterprise Node

Provides the capacity and capability to discover and analyze data across the broadest number of sources and to coordinate with the largest number of users. The Enterprise Agreement for the enterprise tier includes an increased estimate for on-site support to address the diversity of sources and uses.